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“You get good at what you practice.”   unknown

The training programs in What, More Perfect Practice? are based on my own experiences as cover_9-29-17

a player, and more than twenty-five years as a coach.  They have evolved slightly over the years, but their foundation has remained unchanged.    The foundation is based on th


e premise that to consistently succeed at a high level you must do more than your competition.  This requires a strong work ethic and great desire.  You must be willing to work harder and longer than they do, but more importantly, you must work smarter.  So the foundation of my training programs is based on a complete knowledge of the required skill, perfect practice, correction, repetition, and more repetition.

What, More Perfect Practice? goes into detail providing players with all the drills, exercises, and workouts necessary to master the required skills.  Training program frequency, duration, and intensity are addressed and explained, and a day by day weekly training schedule is provided for both the pitcher and the hitter.  The skills to be learned and mastered for pitchers include a knowledge and complete understanding of the official and umpire’s strike zone, an understanding of what a weapon is for a pitcher, and the development of weapons.  Hitter’s skills include a knowledge and complete understanding of the official and umpire’s strike zone, and an understanding of pitch selection discipline, pitch type discipline, and two-strike discipline.

I first developed these training programs years ago to help my young daughters get an edge.  At the same time I incorporated the programs into my travel team practices, high school practices, and began using them with my lesson students, all the while adjusting and improving the programs as needed.  The results have been amazing.  These training programs have now been utilized by dozens of players with remarkable success starting with my daughters, Sara and Lisa Dodd.  Both girls became All-CIF pitchers in high school with Lisa earning recognition as the National Gatorade High School Player of the Year, a three time CIF champion in high school, a two time 18U Gold National Champion in travel ball, an NCAA Champion at UCLA, and as an NCAA All-American player.  In travel ball, Melissa Requilman, Jamee Avii, Karla Wilburn, and Taryne Mowatt used the programs to become star pitchers for San Diego Thunder’s National Championship teams, with Taryne going on to become an NCAA World Series champion at the University of Arizona.  Brittany Bargar and Linda Kohan trained with these programs as members of San Diego Thunder, and both received full scholarships to Notre Dame, with Brittany continuing to use the pitching programs even when in college.  Many other players have trained with these programs and moved on to earn college scholarships.  Every San Diego Thunder player has been, or is trained with these exact same programs.  Pitchers have a schedule to follow on their own each week for the entire season, in addition to two separate team pitching practices each week.  Hitters have a schedule to follow on their own each week, in addition to hitting drills with plenty of correction at every practice.  By utilizing these training programs San Diego Thunder has won two ASA National Championships, finished in the top ten seven times, has an overall win loss record of  1133-172, and has 78 national tournament victories.  In high school, these programs have helped two different schools to their first ever CIF titles, and aided players like Gina Leomiti, Dewey Fleet, Kim Kaye, and many others, to receive division 1 athletic scholarships.

These programs will work for anyone and can help you become a self-made player.  A self-made player is one who works hard to learn the skills necessary to succeed and doesn’t just rely on her natural talent.  Sara and Lisa Dodd were self-made players.  In place of superior talent, they learned and excelled at many things. Things like determination, desire, and mental toughness as a player, things like gaining the complete command of all of their pitches as pitchers, and things like developing the discipline and emotional stability necessary to be great hitters.  These skills were learned from the training routines presented in What, More Perfect Practice?  They helped Sara, Lisa, and others succeed at a very high level in the game of softball, and they can do the same for you.  Here’s to your success.

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