HIP Stick Endorsed by UNLV

“The HIP Stick made a huge positive impact on our offensive game last season and we are using it again this season.  Since implementing its use into our daily workouts, we have increased our BB’s and decreased our K’s, all because we finally have a way to access and correct each player’s pitch selection discipline during practice.  After using one with good success, we now use a HIP Stick in every offensive station, from bunting to live BP, and it is the best way I have found to help our hitters understand and manage the horizontal strike zone.  It is sturdy, durable, lightweight, and easy to pack, so we take it on the road.  It has proven to be a valuable and useful tool for teaching and practicing hitting discipline.  At UNLV we have also implemented the use of the HIP Stick vP for pitchers.  It is a good training aid for catchers to practice their set up locations and an easy to see target for pitchers to help them locate their pitches correctly.  I highly recommend the use of the HIP Stick, the HIP Stick v2, and the HIP Stick vP as aids to improve a player’s strike zone judgement.”  Lisa Dodd Head Coach UNLV Softball

” We use the HIP Sticks every day.  They work.”  Jadelyn Yadao-Valdez 3B UNLV Softball Team

“The HIP Stick has helped me learn how to select better pitches to hit.  It has made me a more disciplined hitter and increased the number of my quality at bats.”  Emily Haslinger C UNLV Softball Team  BACK

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