What, More Perfect Practice?

Training Plans for Softball Players

written by TOM DODD, two-time ASA Class A National Championship coach
with forewords by
Fastpitch National Champions


cover_9-29-17My first book, What’s the Count?, explains how softball is a series of battles between the pitcher and the hitter and provides a mental plan for each player to gain an advantage in these battles.  The plan for the pitcher requires complete, total, and consistent command of at least one pitch, with the ability to locate that pitch correctly close to eighty percent of the time.  It also requires utilization and total command of a change up, or another off speed pitch, throwing it with the same accuracy percentage.  The plan for the hitter requires a good knowledge of the strike zone, and the combination of aggressiveness, and two type of hitting discipline, something I call ‘aggressipline’  These plan requirements are learned behaviors, or skills, and can be acquired through training.  What, More Perfect Practice? is the companion e-book to What’s the Count?, and provides players with the training programs used by Lisa Dodd and many others to develop and learn these skills, and then  be able to execute the mental plans provided in What’s the Count? READ MORE




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