Lessons and Training

Tom Dodd has been providing San Diego area athletes with skills training and instruction in softball and baseball for more than 15 years in the following formats:

Lessons  fee $30.00 for individual

ages 6 to 45
individual, pairs, small group, large group, team
45 minute individual lesson
performed outdoors on a field to receive realistic feedback on   performance

Clinics  fee negotiable

half or full day
for groups, teams, or leagues
skills development clinics
conditioning clinics
your location or mine

Camps  fee negotiable

two day, multiple day, week long
for groups, teams, or leagues
skills development camps
conditioning camps
your location or mine

Areas of Instruction

Hitting – stance, mechanics, timing, mental

Slapping – stance, mechanics, footwork, timing

Bunting – sacrifice, drag, push

Pitching – mechanics, speed, accuracy, mental

Catcher position – stance, footwork, mechanics, blocking, throwing, mental

Defense – infield, outfield, footwork, glovework, quickness, first step, throwing, diving, mental

Baserunning – technique, burst, speed, quickness, footwork, sliding, diving, mental

Training in physical and mental conditioning and sports nutrition is also provided to athletes, specifically on how these things contribute to high performance in softball and baseball.


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