Exposure Videos

I have been making softball skills videos for San Diego area athletes for over fifteen years.  I have created videos for many softball players including my daughters.  I am not a professional photographer, editor, or video maker and do not claim to be one.  I make videos because I enjoy making them and they have proven to be well received and enjoyed by college coaches.

These sample videos are provided to demonstrate an example of content and effects.  Individual videos may be uniquely customized and made to order.  The player may choose a simple format with few or no effects as in the first sample, or a more elaborate format like in the second sample.  Videos can be made with or without music and/or audio effects, and can range in length from two to more than ten minutes, all determined by the player.

The cost of a template made skills video is $200.00 and includes everything required to make the video except game action highlights if you choose to include them.  Game action highlights are optional and must be provided by the player.  The completed video will be provided to the player and delivered in the format of her choice within five working days of starting the project.

Customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

  Individuals displayed in these samples have provided their consent to be viewed.


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